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#KindDerby2016 - WE DID IT!


Yes! We did it! Thanks and well done to everyone involved! On 20 September, we went out in the towns and streets to try and break the world record for the most random acts of kindness in a single day...

And we did it! We took back the title from Bristol, with a grand total of 20,070 random acts of kindness, all performance by the brilliant children of Derby.

Enormous thanks to everybody involved, from all the schools, teachers and children to the fantastic support from Motorpoint Derby, we couldn't have done it without you.

What's next? Well, we've laid down the gauntlet, think you've got what it takes to take the record away from Derby and win it for another city? We're keen to talk to you, so get in touch.

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20,070 - WORLD RECORD!!!
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Ok, So what is Brilliant Derby?

Brilliant Derby is a project to empower the children of Derby to deliver 'positivity', 'happiness' and 'brilliance' across their schools and communities. The aim is to transform lives and embed 'brilliance' into the school ethos. With the help of the fantastic Motorpoint, we think we can make Derby the happiest city in the country... or maybe the world?

Why are we doing it?

There are far too many 'mood hoovers' in this world – people who moan and grumble and who are a zillion miles away from feeling as great as they could. So lesson number one is that we certainly don't want to join them!

And here's lesson number two all wrapped up in a big and exciting thought - what if we could transform them? What if the children of Derby could learn some simple rules of happiness and positivity that they could spread across their schools and homes?

And what if 500 kids took part and each one impacted positively on, say, five people? And what if those five then impacted on five more. And what if those five impacted on five more. And what if those five impacted on five more. And what if those five impacted on five more. And what if those five impacted on five more. And what if... have you got it yet?

Children of Derby being brilliant

Who is running it?

First things first. 'Brilliant Derby' is going to be designed and delivered by the year fives. All the city's schools have been invited to take part... and some have decided to go for it.

We think 'Brilliant Derby' will equip the children to deal much better with school. We also think it will set kids up to be confident, positive, upbeat, passionate and happy…things that go well beyond the classroom. (And, no, we can't prove it. At this stage we can only think it.)

At the start, 'Brilliant Derby' will have some adults driving it. But once the kids are up to speed the adults will take a back seat. Have you heard the phrase 'light the blue touch paper'? That's what we aim to do. And then stand well back while you lot sparkle!

The adults are:

Lisa Higginbottom

My name is LISA

Dresses like a pirate. Mad as a box of frogs. Has organised the Brilliant Derby project and spent lots of time phoning and emailing people.

Andy Cope

My name is ANDY

This best-selling author is also a happiness expert and a Derby lad. Cleverer than he looks and a big Rams fan too apparently!

Brilliant Derby could not happen without the sponsorship and support of these brilliant organisations…

When did it start?

Starts 23rd February 2016

Brilliant Derby 2016 started in February 2016 and will finish with a bang in September. Except it doesn't really. Just because there are no more sessions to attend doesn't mean the learning has to finish. Transforming lives is forever! We will find ways of keeping the project going.

FebRuary 23, ApRil 12 & mAy 9, SepTemBer 20

Video from Day 2

Video from Day 3